Feedback with Sandwich method

A term coined by Mashall Goldsmith, it is a very popular process that involves three steps to help give negative feedback. People who give feedback place constructive or negative criticism between two positive comments. It's called the sandwich method because those two positive comments are before and after the criticism.
These are the steps usually taken in this type of feedback:
  1. State what you are doing well. Positive statement.
  2. Communicate what should be improved. Constructive Criticism
  3. Highlight the positive aspects of their overall performance. Gratitude.
The ability to give feedback is a fundamental skill for good leadership, but it is not just about giving feedback, but about using it so that it is not perceived as a value judgment or an attack.
We also talk about it in our blog:
Do we know how to give negative feedback?
Do we know how to give negative feedback?

It's often said that we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. Nevertheless, discussing our errors with others requires an extra dose of psychology and reflection. These tips can help us approach our mistakes from a constructive perspective.

The influence of positive feedback
The influence of positive feedback

Many studies have verified the effectiveness of feedback in aspects such as teaching or sports. Also in the business sphere, both with our customers and with our employees, feedback -especially positive feedback- has a motivating and implicating power that we should not miss out on.

Tips for effective Feedback
Tips for effective Feedback The difference between giving feedback and giving effective feedback makes all the difference in successful organizations. Taking care of every detail in the feedback will make your team always open to receive and give feedback, and to have a healthy and trusting culture.