It is an agreement of wills between an employer and a worker, with which the employee agrees to provide their services in a remunerated manner. There are different types of contracts:
  • Indefinite contract.- It is established without time limits regarding its duration.
  • Temporary contract.- the employment relationship is carried out for a specific period of time. It can be for work and service, eventual, interim or relief.
  • Training and apprenticeship contract.- This modality combines training and apprenticeship and is configured to favor the labor insertion of young people, between sixteen and thirty years of age.
  • Internship contract.- its objective is to obtain professional practice appropriate to the level of studies completed. This type of contract is valid with people in possession of a university degree, professional training or titles officially recognized as equivalent.
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Human Resources Checklist
Human Resources Checklist

There is nothing worse than ending the year without having achieved some of the challenges that excited you at the beginning of January. Remember that time is limited, and you must dedicate yourself to what truly matters, especially in the area of human management, where the work is focused on helping people develop their talent and contribute to achieving the organization's objectives.