The work environment is affected by components such as health, communication, office conditions or working hours. The work environment refers to those factors that make up the environment in which employees work and that have a direct impact on them. Some of these indicators are obvious, such as existing resources or the condition of office supplies; others are more vague, such as company policy or a collateral with a personality that doesn't fit the company culture.
The work environment should help employees feel good every day, causing an increase in productivity, commitment, motivation and work well-being.
In order to know and improve the climate of an organization, knowing how employees feel and giving them the opportunity to share their ideas or concerns, the following indicators, among others, are usually evaluated:
  • Perception of employees regarding support, guidance and management by leaders and heads of the area and/or organization.
  • The physical conditions in which the work is carried out, for example the location, sound, lighting, distribution of spaces, etc.
  • Cohesion between the different groups that make up the organization.
  • It is the degree of involvement of employees towards their organization.
  • Aspects related to salaries and social benefits provided by the organization.
  • Congruence between the personal behavior with the values, mission, and vision of the organization.
  • The training.
  • Expectations of promotion.
  • Aspects related to ease of teamwork.

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