Process that is carried out in order to know certain characteristics, such as strengths and points of improvement within an organization.

As a consequence of economic development, there are different types of audits. The purpose of the human resources audit is to improve the company's human resources management.
People are the most important resource available to an organization, without good interpersonal relationships, lack of motivation, lack of incentives, the performance of a company will be weakened. Therefore, it is very important to verify that your human resources are at 100%.
The most common phases of a human resources audit are:
  1. Presentation. Indicate to the workers what is going to be done and what the objectives are.
  2. Analysis. Gather information about the environment, both internal and external.
  3. Strategy design. Based on the results of the analysis, those responsible for conducting the human resources audit have to create a strategy to improve the results, using their vision (external) and the vision of the employees (internal ).
  4. Human resources audit report. In that report they should make it clear what their analysis is, how the change should be addressed and what the expected results are.

Javier Sánchez Galán(June 07, 2020).Audit.