Also known as APT, is the process of gathering and examining all information about the content and requirements of a job, as well as the context in which they are carried out.
In this analysis, a position is studied to determine what activities and responsibilities it includes, its importance for other positions, the qualifications necessary for its performance, responsibilities, competencies and the work environment are explored. It also includes classifying the duties involved and identifying the conditions under which the employee must perform their duties.
To carry out an adequate job analysis, the objectives of this analysis must be planned, determine the nature of the positions that exist in the company, select the tools that we will use, verify the data collected and, over time, monitor of the evolution of each position.
There are some useful strategies for collecting data and conducting the analysis:
  • With the direct observation method.
  • Through interviews.
  • Completing questionnaires.
  • Classifying each position in relation to the organization of the company.
Job analysis is what will allow us define the jobs within the organization and all the necessary requirements to perform these jobs. "You need as much data as possible to put together a job description, which is often the result of job analysis."
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