Job Description

A job description, or DPT, is an informational document detailing the skills, tasks, responsibilities, and working conditions associated with a specific position in an organization.
Through the analysis of the position, all the requirements that a person must have to occupy that position can also be numbered, since it is also used in the selection process so that applicants know the profile and requirements of the position. In addition, this information is essential if, in the performance evaluation process, the specific competencies and objectives of each position are to be evaluated. It is also useful for defining goals, planning careers or determining salary ranges.
The main objectives for which a job description is made are:
  • Establish the functions and responsibilities of the position, which will serve as a point of reference to evaluate the candidate or to consider him for a future promotion.
  • Attract candidates both externally and internally.
  • Create an administrative reference, so that your own colleagues or superiors understand the level of responsibility expected for that position.
It is important to take the time to create the process in as much detail as possible as it will be critical to attracting, selecting and retaining talent. Highlights for creating a comprehensive description include the following areas:
  • Job Title
  • Situation within the organizational chart of the organization
  • Promotion possibilities
  • Training and necessary skills
  • Available benefits
  • Culture and identity of the organization