Also known as Zillennials, this group includes all people born in the late 90s and early 2000s. Generation Z members are digital natives, since their childhood they have been exposed to digital devices and social networks. Some of the characteristics of Generation Z are:
  • Great importance to a own personality, without labels.
  • Activists of various causes.
  • They are committed to dialogue to resolve conflicts.
  • Smart consumption: they use their social networks both to manage their personal brand and for their purchasing decisions.
Brands must attract this generation by understanding that for them consumption is an expression of identity and, more than ever, having a personalized marketing strategy and careful ethics.
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How to take advantage of generational diversity
How to take advantage of generational diversity

Our career paths now extend alongside our increasing life expectancy. It's not only important to find enjoyment in our work but also to learn from those around us to continue evolving. Intergenerational diversity is a significant aspect worth paying attention to.