Also called thematic time allocation. A theme is a general approach that provides a framework for our brain to organize tasks and priorities.
In the same way that certain months of the year are used to associate them with themes such as holidays or Christmas gatherings, it is possible to plan in advance what type of activities will be carried out in a period: days, weeks, months or even hours in which certain tasks will be focused. .
According to this technique, a person must take into account what is needed or what is counterproductive for each type of activity. Professionals who organize their schedule by theme say it's a great way to avoid the superfluous.
Getting it done takes discipline and here's the way to start theming time:
  • Block time: Poor time management is always an impediment. Not all tasks have the same weight or importance, so it is necessary to know how to prioritize.
  • Cutting down non-contributing activities: Find out what is most important to yourself, the team or the organization and learn to say no to other things to ensure enough time for all those tasks priority.
  • Dedicate a day to meetings: or always focus them on the time of day where they make the most sense.
  • Spend a day without meetings: One of the “killers” of productivity is the desire to meet constantly or the moments in which time is spent just talking. It is essential to organize to have days without meetings and periods of time alone.
  • Find a Main Theme for each day: visualize what tasks the attention will be devoted to and perceive the day as something tangible. Like a set of time blocks that need to be filled.
  • Use digital tools: look for concrete solutions for specific tasks. Let technology save time from bureaucratic tasks.
Steve Jobs (Apple, Pixar) was legendary for his consistent schedule in which he had his work clearly arranged by theme. Mondays for team meetings, Wednesdays for advertising and marketing. Most of the afternoons he spent on specific aspects of design with Jony Ive (responsible for most of the Apple products we all know).
Jack Dorsey has confessed that he would not be able to run Twitter and Four Square without this technique.
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Can we do more with less?
Can we do more with less?

Improving productivity and time management is a challenge. Today, we'll discuss the "Time Theming" technique used by companies like Google, Apple, and Twitter to enhance performance and achieve better results.