Newly created company that is beginning to take its steps in the business world. It has a great capacity for change, new ideas and business models with strong technological and innovative components. Their design and marketing are very customer oriented.
The most applauded definition of a startup is the one made by Steve Blank: it is a temporary organization designed to search for a business model that is repeatable and scalable. While a company is a permanent organization designed to execute a model business that is repeatable and scalable.
Typically, these companies grow in two ways: financed by investors or financed by debt. Most startups focus on rapid and sustainable scalability.
Startups are characterized for being innovative, agile in their relationship with the market and for having their own corporate cultures.
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Employee management in a Startup company
Employee management in a Startup company

Startups are known for their innovation, agility in dealing with the market, and unique corporate cultures. However, managing people can be just as challenging as writing code without bugs. How do the best leaders in these companies handle it?