Relationship between obtaining a number of products from a production system and the means and resources used to achieve it. These can be human, technological or infrastructure.
Having to carry out different projects at the same time is decentering, stressful and, consequently, not very productive. It is essential to learn to handle one task at a time so as not to have mediocre results in all of them, for this it is advisable:
  • Exercise the mind. The brain is just another muscle. Like everything, not distracting the brain is a matter of practice, training is needed to learn to focus. Every time it happens, recognize the performance saboteurs.
  • Identify peak hours. To recognize the most productive hours, the "peak hours", you should measure your productivity during several hours of the day. You simply have to pay attention to your energy level and other behavior patterns such as: distractions or motivation at different work hours. In order to identify them, you can do tests per week. For example, for a week try to focus your performance more on one time slot. In the next one, try another. And compare your productivity in different weeks.
  • Alternate concentration with breaks. To keep our level of concentration very high, we must focus on a single task at a time and have moments of rest to refocus from one task to another. Techniques such as Pomodoro ( 25 minutes active, 5 minutes rest) will help you control how much and when to rest.
  • Plan critical tasks. A list of tasks -and completing them- helps us get rid of that uncomfortable feeling of leaving loose ends. So when you start your workday, set out those highest priority or critical tasks that you need to complete during the day.
  • Manage time for e-mails. Limit the review and reply to emails to certain times of the day, depending on what is most effective for us and our activity.
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