Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Structured personal plan in which the projection of an employee's career plan in the organization, short-medium term goals, objectives and strategies to achieve it are defined.
It is the sum of the efforts that a person makes to expand their knowledge and skills, and thus improve progressively in their career.
When the report interpretation process has finished, the next step is to create an action plan based on the feedback that was generated -by the Manager and the Employee themself- at your results review meeting.
Each goal or improvement challenge is broken down into small actions to make these goals more manageable and easy to achieve. Each of those milestones is then tracked and progress is checked.
The objective is to find out the goals to be achieved, by the person in charge and the collaborator, highlighting which strengths can be used the most to include them all in that action plan.
Without forgetting that the objectives must be realistic. In other words, specific, achievable, measurable and aligned with the organization. Combine elements in action plans with the expectations of each role and the organization.


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7 ways to maximize your professional development
7 ways to maximize your professional development

Your Career Plan should not be solely in the hands of your company. No one is better than yourself to define your own professional development strategy. We will help you draw up a Perfect Plan so that you can achieve what you set out to do.

What to do after a Performance Appraisal
What to do after a Performance Appraisal

The professional appraisal process doesn't conclude once all participants have submitted their evaluations and the Human Resources Manager has reviewed the results. There's much more to be done in order to fully realize the benefits of providing feedback to our employees!