Competency profile

A document that brings together a set of behaviors, abilities and skills that an employee must have and that are relevant to performing a job satisfactorily. Depending on the position, you will have objective standards associated with certain competencies.

These profiles have certain benefits, first of all, they allow you to compare competencies individually against others. This way, the worker is valued in each of the individual areas in which they work. Thanks to this, a collaborator can be assigned to a specific job position where their specific skills are the most outstanding, being more profitable and efficient for the company.
For example, if two profiles with similar academic characteristics and similar work experience have to occupy different positions, it is normal to think that due to these similarities, both will do well regardless of the position they occupy. But if, for example, in one of these positions it is necessary to have a greater managerial capacity, it would be interesting to know which of the two is better in this particular competition, assessing the choice of one over the other, which could be more efficient in a specific position. .
A competency profile will always be aimed at making the most of the potential of collaborators, it is not limited only to selecting personnel for one position or another, but also helps find strengths and weaknesses in employees.