Specific goals that allow the performance of the employee to be measured in a specific, measurable, achievable and relevant way in a certain time.
The SMART acronym stands for:
  • Specific: It refers to specific actions whose objective is to measure exactly what we hope to achieve.
  • Measurable: We are talking about easily measurable goals through analysis methodologies or software.
  • Achievable: We refer to objectives that can be achieved with the means available. It is important to set realistic goals, keeping in mind that on that basis, in the future, you can aim higher.
  • Relevant: It means that the goals set are aligned with the business objectives. It would not make sense to carry out actions focused on objectives that are not in the company's development plan.
  • Time based: Goals are always limited to a specific time. Bearing in mind that the allotted time can cause difficulties in its realization and in its measurability. For this, you always have to take into account a period of time.

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The objectives and KPI's in our work
The objectives and KPI's in our work

Discover how it influences the productivity of your team that everyone knows their Objectives & KPI's. Establishing them, monitoring them and evaluating their achievement is a means of involving our employees. And if you need more, how about a playlist so that motivation does not lack!