The ability of an employee to act as an entrepreneur in the organization in which they work, adding value to the company.
If you seek to stimulate intra-entrepreneurship, there must be channels of communication, spaces for dialogue and free hours to develop ideas. Another way to help foster intrapreneurship is to introduce reward systems such as promotions, salary increases or other types.
Some famous examples of this type of strategy is the case of Google, where they offer 20% of working time for their workers to spend exploring new ideas and projects that are interesting to them. As a result of the work that they dedicated to that time to innovate, successful projects such as Gmail, Google Now and Google News emerged.
Implementing intrapreneurship is not an easy task, it is an activity that suggests promoting and developing specific skills and attitudes in workers, however, more and more companies are daring to carry out, these innovation proposals. This increases competitiveness and a sense of belonging among workers.