Competency Management

Manage skills, knowledge, values, motivations, personality traits and aptitudes of each person that determine and predict the behavior that leads to the achievement of the results or objectives to be achieved in the organization.
Thanks to this management model, the daily performance of organizations can be improved, generating great results. It is an essential element that helps to identify the best skills of each collaborator to later potentiate them for the benefit of the organization.
As examples of competencies that we can quantify we find:
  • Quality and precision
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Customer service
  • Flexibility and adaptation
  • Results orientation
  • Responsibility
  • Strategic thinking
Using this management model can generate benefits in the business environment, it is possible to increase the commitment of workers and improve results.Using the skills of each collaborator in the most optimal way will make them feel more fulfilled, generating more satisfaction and individual happiness.
Regarding the selection area, it is also interesting to have information on the skills of the company and the team of collaborators; This way it will be possible to list the characteristics of the candidates and compare them with the characteristics that the organization are looking for.
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