Workstation Layout

Procedures carried out to obtain the greatest personal satisfaction of the collaborator with the instruments they need to carry out their work in the best possible way. However, these descriptions are not invariant over time. On the contrary, they tend to undergo alterations caused by an extensive list of factors, among which we can include technological innovations, changes in procedures, short-term staff imbalances, etc.
GOMEZ-MEJIA, BALKIN and CARDY (1995: 94) understand the definition or design of the job as "a work organization process that affects the tasks that are contemplated in a specific job position.
The design of the position is of great importance and affects the performance of the workers, since one of the biggest difficulties that a company faces is the high turnover of employees in their jobs. It can be due to several factors, although a bad designed workstation is usually a key issue, affecting other business elements such as poor performance, absenteeism, or even ineffective management of available human resources.
This way, a good workstation which is attractive and satisfactory for employees will be a very important element for the proper development of any company.