Design thinking

A method used to generate innovative ideas and maximize collective creativity, thus offering a solution to problems detected in a specific framework.
Design thinking breaks down a problem and divides it into smaller parts to analyze them empathetically, obtaining a solution together with other team members.
To develop Design Thinking a process is followed where the following characteristics stand out:
  • Generate empathy. Understanding the wishes and needs of the other colleagues involved in the solution we are seeking is key to the success of the process.
  • Playful atmosphere. In order to develop our potential to the maximum, we must achieve a state of mind that allows us to enjoy the process.
  • Plastic and visual content. It helps us achieve innovative solutions, making the most creative part of our minds work.
  • Encourage teamwork.
The Design Thinking process is an iterative process, it is not linear, and it consists of five stages:
  • Empathy Phase: The first step begins by understanding the needs of the users involved where we must be able to generate solutions consistent with their realities.
  • Definition Phase: We identify problems whose solutions will be key to obtaining an innovative result. We have to stay with what really adds value.
  • Ideation Phase: This stage aims to generate as many options as possible. Sometimes the most eccentric ideas are the ones that generate the most visionary solutions.
  • Prototyping phase: During this phase we transform ideas into reality.
  • Testing Phase: This phase is crucial, we will test our prototypes with the users involved, which will help us identify bugs. We will shape our idea until it becomes the solution we were looking for.
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