Web marketing

Web marketing is marketing through the Internet, which allows a product or service to be brought to a global audience in a profitable manner. Create the opportunity for a business to share its message with anyone, even potential customers, by increasing its online presence.
Online marketing is considered broad-reaching because in addition to the Internet, it also includes marketing through email and other wireless media.
There are numerous strategies that are part of web marketing that help promote a business:
  • SEO: attracting traffic and sales to the website through search engines like Google.
  • Content marketing: brand awareness and website traffic with original and quality content.
  • PPC: immediate traffic and sales through ads on search engines and websites.
  • Email marketing: acquisition of potential customers with personalized emails.
  • Marketing in social networks: gain followers, brand recognition and sales with social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn...
  • Display advertising: generate sales and brand recognition with targeted ads on websites.