It is a set of tools to launch massive tasks with reports to save time for an Hrider account administrator. Tasks included are:
1. Book of Reports: Creates a single PDF file with all the reports of those evaluated ordered by name and surname. Useful for downloading all the reports and saving it or sharing it with other people in the organization.
2. Zip Reports: Creates a compressed file with a .zip extension that contains all the individual reports. Very useful to download all the reports and distribute them individually or to import them from another application. The name of each file can be specified before launching the task using a pattern that can include the tags:
{@evaluated.nameSurname}, the name and surname of the evaluated person
{@evaluated.code}, code of the evaluated person.
{@evaluacion.codigo} , evaluation code.
{@evaluacion.fechaInicio} , evaluation start date.
{@currentDate}, today's date.
3. Mass sending of reports by email: Send an email to each evaluated person with their personal report. As in the Zip reports tool, it allows you to specify a pattern for the file name. The subject and body of the email will be the one defined in the evaluation configuration in the "Mail - Personal Report Sending" section.
When launching a task, the Admin person will receive an email notification when the task is complete. You will then be able to download the generated file.